Perfect Pass Digestive Enzymes

Why Do We Need Digestive Enzymes?

Perfect Pass Digestive Enzymes 180 Capsules

  • Digestive enzymes aren’t only beneficial, they’re essential.
  • We eat food, but our digestive system doesn’t actually absorb food, it absorbs nutrients.
  • Food has to be broken down. That’s what digestive enzymes do.
  • They break down our food into nutrients so that our bodies can absorb them.
  • In actual fact, you are what you digest, not just what you eat.
  • Digestive enzymes are the key to both better digestion and nutrient absorption.

Digestive enzymes occur naturally in the food we eat, however once food it cooked or processed, enzymes are greatly depleted.

Less enzymes leads to longer digestion time and may cause food to be only partially digested.

There are several factors to consider:

  • When we don’t eat a healthy diet, we produce less digestive enzymes than we ought to.
  • When we’re young we produce sufficient enzymes.  This provides the body with optimal nutrition. Then as we age, particularly after the age of 30, our bodies produce less enzymes.
  • When we’re ill, this too may lead to the deterioration of the body’s digestive function.
    Cross Section of the Stomach Wall

    Cross Section of Stomach Wall

When this happens it often leads to many unpleasant digestive symptoms like bloating, gas, discomfort, or even stomach pain, diarrhea and constipation

Sometimes it results in more permanent nutritional deficiencies, and even inflammatory conditions result because of inadequate enzyme activity.

Fortunately, Perfect Pass Vitamins has an advanced enzyme formula. This unique formula is able to serve 2 distinct functions.

Not only does it makes it possible to improve digestive function and prevent gastric distress but it also is able to protect the body against systemic inflammation and curb malnutrition that often occurs in the elderly.

How are Perfect Pass Digestive Enzymes able to Provide 2 Distinct Functions?

The Enzymes that are contained in Perfect Pass Digestive Enzymes are both digestive and proteolytic in nature:

1 When the enzymes are taken WITH meals, they help digest the food that is presently being consumed.

2 When the enzymes are taken BETWEEN meals, they help to repair the mucosal lining of the gut wall, resulting in long term beneficial healing effect of the the digestive tract.

Who Needs Digestive Enzymes?

Are you Proactive?
Taking additional enzymes is a preventive measure to counteract the depleting nutrient supply in our diets and the increase of chronic disease in our society.

Digestive Symptoms:

Enzymes can help reduce symptoms of acid reflux, gas, bloating, leaky gut, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), malabsorption, Crohns, Colitis, diarrhea or constipation.

Digestive enzymes reduce stress on the stomach, pancreas, liver, gallbladder and small intestine by helping break down difficult-to-digest proteins, starches and fats.


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Perfect Pass Digestive Enzymes 180 Capsules

What Types of Digestive Enzymes are there?

Once we start eating the pancreas releases enzymes.
Each of the enzymes released have a particular role in breaking down nutrients.
These enzymes are protease, lipase and amylase.


Protein is required by all people in adequate amounts daily for proper growth, function and maintenance of the body. The enzyme which is responsible for protein digestion is Protease.

We need sufficient daily amounts of protein for proper body growth, function and maintenance.

Proteins are one of the most difficult nutrients for our body to break down. The protease enzyme works by breaking down complex protein chains into smaller ones.

In addition to foods we eat, microorganisms like bacteria, parasites, virus and fungus are all formed by or contain some element of proteins in them.

Because of this, aside from the digestion of proteins that we eat, these enzymes are also responsible to clear cellular debris and toxins in blood.

Digestive Enzymes graph


Amylase is responsible for the breakdown of the very complex carbohydrate molecule.

Carbohydrates are a main component in our diets that give us quick energy.

There are different forms of carbohydrates.

One of them is starch that is found in the cell walls of the vegetables and fruits that we eat. These need to be broken down by the body into sugar and glucose molecules.

Amylase hydrolyzes these sugars into smaller ones to be digested.


Lipase is the enzyme that breaks down fat.

Fat is very important because our body’s cells need fat to form and maintain their cell membranes.

Lipase acts on ‘ester bonds’ that are formed by bonding 3 fatty acids and one glycerol molecule.

Lipase breaks them down and releases fatty acids.

When fat is not digested properly, it can disturb the digestion of protein and carbohydrates.

Why does this formula contain Ox Bile?

This is an advanced enzyme formula, well suited for many digestive conditions that require additional assistance.

Ox bile is another key component to breaking down fat.

Bile serves to emulsify fat so that lipase can act on it.