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What Is The Best Probiotics Supplement To Take?

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You know all about how probiotics can help you re-balance your microflora, improve your gut health, and give you relief from symptoms of digestive disorders.

Here’s what you might not know:

As good as your probiotics might be, if it can’t survive your stomach acid, it doesn’t fit the definition of what true probiotics are.

The truth is, many probiotics don’t even make it to your gut.

That’s a big reason why many people take probiotics for conditions like Leaky Gut, IBS, Crohn’s, and Ulcerative Colitis–yet they still don’t find relief.

So, which probiotics actually survive your stomach acid to make an impact on lasting symptomatic relief? And which strains should you take to get the maximum benefits?

The latest research from the Human Microbiome Project points to Bacillus spore probiotics.

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Bacillus Spore Probiotics:

A Human Strain That Works

In “Healthy Bacteria: Understanding This Foundational Food”, Dr. Tom Bayne writes:

Bacillus subtilis human strain probiotic“Our ancestors were hunters and gatherers and they ate off the land. Much of the food and liquid they consumed was brimming with mega doses of environmental bacteria.

Most of those bacteria died as they passed through the harsh gastric system (gastric barrier), but some didn’t. These specialized strains developed an uncanny ability to survive the acidic gastric system to end up thriving in the intestines – these became nature’s true probiotics.“

In other words, some specific strains of probiotics which Dr. Bayne calls “nature’s true probiotics”  have been shown to survive your stomach acid.

And of these “specialized strains,” the best understood is Bacillus Spores.

Studies suggest that the Bacillus species is powerful for combating common gut health problems.

Dr. Bayne explains:

“Bacillus subtilis plays a key role in the tutoring/training of the immune system and in mitigating a systemic proinflammatory and autoimmune state.”

This is great news if your immune system needs a boost – or if you suffer from systemic inflammation.

Spores probiotics, in particular, are good for your gut because they’re all-natural and free of gluten. That lessens your risk of an allergic reaction to gluten from your probiotic.

Why Are Bacillus Spore Probiotics Better?


Bacillus Coagulans human strain probiotic

Bacillus Coagulans human strain probiotic

Bacillus endospores are human strain.

This means that your present combination of microbiota strains will only increase when the probiotic is recognized as a compatible with the human microbiome by the body.

Probiotics grown on dairy or soy based substrates do not pass this test.

This is all recent information from the Human Microbiome Project – it makes us have to ‘re-phrase’ our previous thoughts on the reason why probiotics that we’ve taken in preious years, have helped us. Yes, they’ve helped, but not because the ones we’ve taken actually proliferate. It relates more to the immune modulation effect they cause.

More about Probiotics:

Did you know that we have 20 – 30 trillion strains of lactobacillus and bifidus in our digestive tract?

You can NEVER take enough of them in a pill or powder form that will exceed that number. That’s why we have to keep on taking loads of those strains to achieve a beneficial effect. And you have to keep on taking them to achieve that effect.
With Spore Probiotics, you only need 1 per day.

That’s because you only need to take more than what already exists in the gut to be beneficial. Taking 3 billion strains of bacillus is more that 2 billion strains, the amount you have in your gut.

When you take Bacillus spore Probiotics, you can feel the difference in your symptoms, with just 1 per day.
These spores are the same species that naturally live in our gut and they have already adapted to the human GI tract, and that’s why they are called ‘Human Strain’.

Common Questions about Bacillus Strain Probiotic

“Is it true that Spore Probiotics survive stomach acid?”

Bacillus clausii human strain probiotic

Bacillus clausii


Spore Probiotics have a 100% survival rate through stomach acid and bile. No other probiotics can attest to this.

In fact, if you’ve tried probiotic strains that had little or no effect on your symptoms, there’s a chance that your probiotics just didn’t survive your stomach acid.

Spore Probiotics are human strain and will make it into your gut.


“Is it true that Bacillus probiotics are resistant to antibiotics?”

Bacillus are naturally resistant to many common antibiotics.

There has never been a need to develop an antibiotic against bacillus probiotics, so bacillus probiotics are immune to most antibiotics used today.
This is also true for many bacterial species that exist in the environment and have been around for thousands of years.

Learn more here:

TIME: Drug-Resistant Bacteria Discovered in 4-Million-Year-Old Cave

“Are Spore Probiotics compatible with the paleo diet?”


A big benefit of Spore Probiotics, if you follow the paleolithic diet, is that they’re 100% compatible (unlike many other probiotics).

“If Bacillus is a human strain, why do people refer to it as a Soil Base Organism?”

Officially, Bacillus spore probiotics are not classified as SBO’s or HSO’s, because their true home is in the human gut and not in the soil.


These probiotics use the soil/environment to transfer from host to host.

That means they’re found abundantly in the soil.
That said, Bacillus is found in higher concentrations in the human gut than in soil.

A true “soil based organism” lives out most of its life-cycle in the environment, whereas soil is not an ideal growth place for bacillus strains.

In short, many call bacillus strains “soil based organisms” because they are found in the soil nearly everywhere, but this is a misnomer.